Watercross World Champion Naples

The Pro Watercross Tour is the featured national circuit for personal watercraft racing. The Tour brings together the best professional and amateur athletes in the sport, on the most beautiful beaches and venues in the U.S.A., and offering the most challenging and technical race courses in the world. Pro Watercross creates the biggest, best watercross racing show in the world. 

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Pizza School at Mister 01 Miami

Classes are for amateur clients that are enthusiastic to learn the art of making a good pizza.

It will be structured with a professional chef leading the class. Explanations will be simple and concise, yet with a professional taste. Hygiene is crucial, and the working materials are of the highest quality.

Clients will not get a chef license out of the class, nevertheless, they come out with a unique experience and with the ability of making the best possible pizza at home. Classes will last around 3 hours. After the class clients are more than welcome to enjoy their masterpiece onsite together with the other students.

Aerial Videos Demo Reel

An aerial video & photography is the way to show your development project. This unique service demonstrates a standard spin view from any altitude up to 400 feet. This service is great for developers who are building high rises condominiums that are still under construction or yet to be constructed and want to sell "The View" units not yet complete.

Special events are best photographed from the air in order to provide a perspective that ground-based photo. For many outdoor events, a series of aerial photographs makes a perfect way to see it all.

Aerial Photography Provides high-quality photography delivered in simple and elegant slideshows to realtors, builders and architects. Specially configured remote controlled.